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Innovations at Triveni

Catering for all industries which require steam turbine products up to 100MW in industrial power generation, we at Triveni pride ourselves on our constantly innovating and evolving nature. Here are some of the recent technological advances which we have successfully incorporated into our range of steam turbine solutions:

  • Continuous enhancement programme to improve efficiency and conversion rates
  • State-of-the-art designs capable of handling high pressures of up to 120 Bar(a) and temperatures of 545° C
  • Two series of advanced intermediate pressure (IP) modules with high loading degrees
  • Seven series of advanced low pressure (LP) modules, equipped with compound-leaned nozzles
  • Control valve for LP manipulation
  • Highly-evolved blade path design for efficient high pressure (HP) impulse
  • Turbines specifically designed to accommodate solar cycles and accompanying temperature fluctuations
  • Versatile injection turbines appropriate for a variety of applications
  • Double extraction turbines
  • Turbines specifically designed for variable speed applications
  • Hybrid turbines, combining excellence in reaction and impulse technology
  • Brush seals with advanced shaft ends and inter-stage seals
  • Kemampuan tekanan casing roda yang lebih tinggi
  • Wheel cases with higher pressure resistances
  • Advanced rotor-dynamics for low-level shaft vibrations
  • Double-cased design for HP applications
  • Sturdy control mechanism with accelerated response time
  • Semi-modular turbines with optimal components fitted as standard
  • Pistons equipped with multi-level balance to achieve reduced thrust loads
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics (RMD) for off-site health assessments and maintenance prognoses


Our highly trained research and development (R&D) team in Bangalore is complemented by a panel of acclaimed authorities in the fields of advanced simulation and turbo machinery design. Working in close conjunction with the finest resources and minds in the industry, we strive to produce the most comprehensive and advanced array of steam turbine products and solutions to be found anywhere in the world.

Among those experts in the field which augment our knowledge and help to challenge our thirst for innovation and quality are a variety of well-respected design houses and institutes. These include associations with:

  • Turbo machinery design house CONCEPTS NREC
  • Turbo machinery design experts IMPACT Technologies USA
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)
  • Indian Institute of Science (IISc)

These capable partners help us in various aspects of the design process, including:

  • Our advanced blade development programme
  • Our exhaustive and thorough prototype testing
  • Regulation and examination of materials
  • Computer programmes for visualisation and simulation of products


Our philosophy relies on a number of tenets to ensure we stay at the cutting edge of steam turbine innovation and one step ahead of the competition. Our philosophy incorporates:

  • Our Belief

    At Triveni, we are firm believers that one can only learn through listening to the opinions of others. That’s why we believe our workforce and the customers we interact with are our biggest asset and we strive to make sure that every voice is heard and every opinion considered.
  • The Learning Process

    There is no end to education. At Triveni, our knowledge is constantly growing and our thirst for learning insatiable – education is a continuous process.
  • Partner Training Programmes

    We consider each and every one of our consumers as long-term partners. With this in mind, we aim to learn, grow and evolve from every interaction with our customer base and we value its insights very highly.
  • Focus Area

    Each of our training programmes is specifically geared toward the advanced design, manufacture, installation and servicing of steam turbine products.

Because of our deep-rooted belief in the idea that personal interaction is the source of all knowledge, we place a great emphasis on education. Before we can achieve our business objectives, we must first think of these as learning objectives. Only once we have developed fully as individuals, incorporating a proactive and forward-thinking approach into everything we do, can the organisation as a whole grow and succeed. By learning from mistakes, we can ensure those we teach don’t make the same ones – and we can increase global knowledge and ability in the process. As a result, the individual, the organisation and the species grow in unison.

Triveni strongly believes that organizations can learn only through people, which is one of its important assets. Business goals need to be transformed into tangible learning goals. People development should be transformational, proactive, and future-focused. The ethos of 'right first time' is not truly achievable, but the aim to 'learn from this time for next' is. Training brings in the required scalability in our operations by providing trained manpower. Learning is an essential process of an individual's professional development. Individual and organizational learning should form a mutually reinforcing virtuous circle.

At Triveni, learning & development is a continuous process. Creating skilled and experienced employees result in complete fulfillment of unique customer requirements, thereby delivering customer delight. This is accomplished by focusing on continually updating the knowledge of employees.

The company also focuses on enhancing the employees' management and leadership skills. Triveni has a world-class learning centre for meeting the ever-increasing company requirements as well as customer prerequisites for trained manpower and niche skills such as knowledge of steam turbine construction & operation maintenance, and soft skills. The learning centre conducts around 1,800 hours of training per year.


  • To deliver comprehensive training programmes through a collaborative approach between the internal and external resources
  • To impart contemporary knowledge on turbine islands and general management competencies for professional employee development

We consider our customers as our long term partners. Considering this, our learning centre contributes equally towards customer training programmes primarily in aspects of operation and maintenance of steam turbine generator islands.

The training programmes are focused on design, manufacture, and servicing of steam turbines, along with managerial & leadership skills. The programmes consist of:

  • Specialized training programmes on operations & maintenance, high speed balancing, vibration analysis, and customer service.
  • Annual graduate engineer trainees programmes
  • Refresher courses for employee skill upgradation
  • General management skill development: These include master engineer & leadership development programmes



In order to achieve the most up-to-date results and continually challenge our creative and technological tendencies, our research and development (R&D) team uses a variety of computer simulation design and engineering software. These are geared towards computational fluid dynamics (CFD), finite element analysis (FEA), aero and thermal design, rotor dynamics and the modelling and analysis of lifting components in steam turbine machinery.

Among others, we use the following tools:

  • Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software
  • Computer-aided design (CAD) software, such as Creo Parametric and Siemens Nx
  • Double-controlled extraction designs
  • FEA solvers such as Abaqus and Ansys
  • Pre-processing software, including Ansys ICEM CFD meshing tool and Hypermesh
  • CFD solvers such as Fluent and CFX
  • In-house mean-line code to achieve heat transfers and steam flow path design
  • Blade validation equipment
  • Quasi 3-dimensional blade development tools
  • Heat Mass Balance Diagram (HMBD) software
  • Torsional rotor-dynamics software
  • Lateral rotor-dynamics software


Before any of our products are given the seal of approval for sale and dispatch, they undergo a rigorous testing process at the hands of our research and development (R&D) team. The state-of-the-art testing facilities used to perform such checks include:

  • Campbell blade analyses
  • Blade frequency test beds
  • Non-intrusive stress measurement systems (NSMS) for blade frequencies
  • Over-speed vacuum tunnel balancing machines
  • Hydraulic simulation facilities
  • Strain gauging apparatus
  • LP turbine module steam tests
  • Advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) for all major components, including blades, casing and rotors
  • Mechanical steam run tests
  • Analytical profile indexing tests for rotor balancing at full speed and over-speed
  • Exhaustive tests for fracture resistance, fatigue life and creep of all materials
  • Turbine control system evaluation
  • Hydro tests for leakages, strain gauge and tightness of casings

Our primary focus at Triveni is on the consumer at every stage of the steam turbine process. Whether it’s researching the best possible materials for the job, uncovering concerns from our clientele or working closely with them to overcome challenges, we pride ourselves on putting the customer first, every time.


We’ve come a long way from installing our first steam turbine back in 1968. Since then, we have revolutionised the way we think about many components of steam turbine products and have positioned ourselves as authorities in the sector and pioneers in the technology.

With innovation at the heart of our work, we have recognised the growing need to safeguard the intellectual property (IP) of Triveni in today’s competitive business environment.

With this in mind, we have worked hard to nurture innovation within our workforce and safeguard it from without. We regularly undertake the filing of patents, copyrights, trademarks and design registrations to preserve our IP integrity and ensure we continue to be at the cutting edge of steam turbine technology for years to come.

Currently the Triveni Turbine Ltd have in excess of 135 files registered for innovations that have been developed in-house by our R&D team. This includes more than 70 industrial design registrations and over 35 patents, and we have been awarded well over 70 IP rights across the globe, including in the European Union, the USA and India. These awards and recognitions are clear proof that we continue to excel and outdo our competitors with regards to technological innovations and advances in the field of steam turbine solutions.

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